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Invitation For Bid – Building Renovation
Scope of Work Computer Lab v2_2018.pdf
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Invitation For Bid Master Developer RFQ #2018-03-01

1.0-EPHA Nelms House Master Developer (RFQ Document) RFQ-2018-03-01.docx
1.0-EPHA Nelms House Master Developer (R[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [496.2 KB]
2.0-Attachment A (Form Of Proposal)
2.0-Attachment A (Form Of Proposal).pdf
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3.0-Attachment B (Profile Of Firm Form)
3.0-Attachment B (Profile Of Firm Form).[...]
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4.0-Attachment C (Section 3 Form-Explanation)
4.0-Attachment C (Section 3 Form-Explana[...]
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4.1-Attachment C-1(Section3Explanation)
4.1-Attachment C-1(Section3Explanation).[...]
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5.0-Attachment D EPHA Instructions to Proposers (SIPC) (2)
5.0-Attachment D EPHA Instructions to Pr[...]
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6 4-AttachmentE-4 (HUD5370)
6 4-AttachmentE-4 (HUD5370).pdf
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6.1-Attachment E1-Verify Affidavit
6.1-Attachment E1-Verify Affidavit.pdf
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6.2-AttachmentE-2 (HUD 51915)
6.2-AttachmentE-2 (HUD 51915).pdf
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6.3-AttachmentE-3(HUD 51915-A)
6.3-AttachmentE-3(HUD 51915-A).pdf
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6.5-Attachment E5 (DavisBaconWageDetermination
6.5-Attachment E5 (DavisBaconWageDetermi[...]
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7.0 Understanding E-Verify
7.0 Understanding E-Verify.pdf
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The East Point Housing Authority seeks a Full Time Maintenance Technician

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  • East Point Housing Authority has a new blog THE SCOOP. The scoop is here for YOU. We want to connect you with your community and give you the scoop on whats happening inside EPHA. We also wanna hear from you!


  • Per HUD’s new non-smoking regulation, East Point Housing Authority (EPHA) will be going Smoke Free. All EPHA properties will be smoke-free campuses before JUNE 2018. The smoke-free campaign includes use of all lit tobacco products (e.g., cigarettes, pipes, and cigars) e-cigarettes, and water pipe tobacco smoking (i.e., hookahs).  At EPHA we care about our residents’ health and want to assist in preventing smoke related illnesses. We also want to maintain the upkeep of our properties and we need your help to do that. If you are ready to stop smoking, contact your EPHA Housing Specialist for available resources to help you quit.

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